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So now that i've Completed Tales Of Symphonia, i will start to Blog Metroid Prime 2.

but please bear in mind i've already started the game and are just under half way though the game.

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So i got the Ring of pact, and then i got 2 extra swords from Kratos and Drik.

now im of to find some extra boss battles:

Boss Battle:

  • Enemy: Sworddancer
  • HP: 999,99
  • TP: 8888

Rank: ***** (Very Hard)

  • EXP given: 17,738
  • Gald Given: 30,000
  • Max Hit:  81
  • Grade  -3.97 (yeah i died a few times)
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*May Contain Spoilers, Read At You're Own Risk*

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Current Music: Ozzy Osboure - No More Tears

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well, since im no good at intro's i'll get straight to the point, this LJ was made so i can blog all my gaming moments, as of now i am currently playing 3 games one of them if near the end, so i will start to blog it even though its near completion.

The 3 Games that i will be blogging to get started:

  • Tales Of Symphonia (Nintendo Gamecube)
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Nintendo Gamecube)
  • Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 ( Nintendo Gamecube)
After i have completed Tales Of Symphonia and Metroid Prime 2, i will put up a poll, where, you the readers can vote on which game i should play and blog next.

This will be updated about 3-4 times a day, so be expecting you're friends page to be flooded by moi! XD!

well, i hope you enjoy my writing.
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